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1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Pickup

1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Pickup

1958 Chevy Apache Pickup

This is a 1:24 Scale die-cast metal with plastic parts of this Chevy pickup. From a distance this looks better than it looks closeup. It's what I call a baseline mode in that instead of most outside parts like door handles, petrol cap and main emblems, have been included in the casting of the main body. Apart from the exterior mirror, those parts mentioned are painted on. So let's look at the exterior. Body paint wise, this has no cracks bubbles, or any other paint problems. So at least in this area no problems. But body panel in just about all parts, have too wide a gap between them causing bad fitting doors and bonnet fit.. Its been put together quickly with no attention to good detail. The wheels however are at least one deeming factor and look well and set off the model nicely.

Interior is basic, but parts like gear shift and foot pedals to scale. As with models this size, you need to give some compromise. Other interior parts like seating is good with door panels fitted OK.

Engine also suffers as the interior in every thing black. Makes taking images very hard. Detail of this engine is very basic and only rates a 1 in engine detail.

I have not much to tell you about this model. Its basic in every section. Not put together well and is not one for real collecting, though for the museum, it is a model from the 1958 year. So it shows design types for that year. I can only give this a 2.5/5.00. Robin Finlay 15/11/2022.

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