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Nuffield Universal 4 10/60 Tractor

Nuffield Universal
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The Nuffield Universal was a tractor produced from 1948 by the Agricultural Division of Morris Motors, later a subsidiary of The British Motor Corporation Limited. When William Morris the founder of Morris Motors was honoured with a title and elevated to the peerage he chose the name of his Nuffield, Oxfordshire village. When in 1948 the Morris Motors Agricultural Division launched its tractor range, the name Nuffield was chosen to be the brand name for the company's agricultural products. The design was similar to the new David Brown built tractors as the designer Dr. Merit had also worked on the design of the David Brown 50D before moving to Nuffield. Nuffield were part of the amalgamations that created British Leyland in 1968, becoming part of Leyland Tractors.
The first diesel powered Nuffield was the Universal DM4 which was powered by a 38 hp Perkins P4 (TA) engine. After Morris Motors became part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1951, the Perkins engine was retained until 1954 when it was replaced by a 45 h.p. BMC diesel engine, tractors with this engine being recognisable as they bear a badge "BMC Diesel".

Model Description
This is a 1:16 scale die-cast metal with both plastic and real rubber parts. This model was designed and made by Universal Models in England, and is well known for its detailed Tractors and Farm Machinery. Built to their design and quality, that is reflected in this model. The attention to detail is there for everyone to see.

The Tractor
First, the colour and paintwork. There is no mistaking that deep brown paintwork identifies it as a Nuffield. When I was working on a dairy farm, when I was 15, that was the tractor I used. This model has a good grasp of all the details from front to rear, with incredible detail. When you look at the small parts need to showcase this model to even include the wiring. The front with its distinctive grill that you can see the radiator through it. The excellent detail of the front axle allows you to turn the front wheels using the steering wheel. That attention shows every nut and bolt. It shows the complete steering working system from the steering wheel to the wheel rims. It's that attention to detail that makes this an excellent model.

The Engine
We have a number of tractors in our collection, yet so many of them do not have that degree of detail. So much work has gone into it to show just about every part and even the wiring The batteries show even the battery leads that can be seen attached to the electrical components. We can see the starter setup with the shifter rod that activates the starter. The diesel piping complete from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors that then can be seen going to each of the cylinders. The radiator can be clearly seen in great detail, with also the air cleaner right where it should be.

The Drivers Work Station
The detail continues even with more detail. The controls, such as the hand brake, throttle lever, starter lever, gearbox selector, have been done to an amazing scale. The bucket seat can be tipped up and down and would have a cushion to give some comfort. The instrument panel, even though primitive compared to more modern tractors, the details of the individual dials show them just like the real Nuffield. The switches are placed and can be identified even though they are small, again the responsibility of attention to detail by the moulding teams.

The Hydraulic System
It's not just the die-cast metal parts produced in such detail, but includes the rear hydraulic system, which has been mainly done in plastic. That detail, which shows how fine a detail you can produce using plastic. On the model, the arms can be raised and lowered, and the drawbar can be moved, just like on the real Nuffield. The small lights on the mudguards, with the wiring done nicely, also the real lights number plate, can also be moved up and down. There is so much going on here. Toolbox, chains that move, the hydraulic arm that moves up and down. Unfortunately, you cannot add other farm equipment, as their ability is not available on this model.

The Conclusion
What a model with its detail second to none. This model is what every collector wants. Real detail, with that detail so good, that you feel you simply turn the key, engage the starter motor, and it will start and move just as if we were real. Every collector would love all their models done in such detail. I really cannot sing praises for this model. We have a number of tractors, put out by Universal Models that have that degree of attention to detail. So I can only give it a 5.0 / 5.0. This is worth it to purchase, but they can be very hard to get. Robin Finlay. 14/04/2023.

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