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JCB Fastrac
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JCB Fastrac

Fastrac 2135

The JCB Fastrac is a high-speed agricultural tractor series manufactured by JCB Landpower, part of the JCB group.
Production began in 1991, with continual development to the present day. Generally the maximum speed of most models is 65 km/h (40 mph), but slower (40 km/h) and faster (80 km/h) versions are produced.
EngineAll models have six-cylinder diesel engines. Initially supplied by Perkins Engines then Cummins, the current supplier is AGCO SISU Power.
Three different gearboxes have been fitted to the Fastrac in production.
The first type has evolved over several years.
On introduction of the Fastrac this style of gearbox had 18 forward gears (6×3) and 6 reverse (6×1). These were organised as 6 manual gears in each of 3 ranges (Low, Medium and High). The range box also selected reverse giving 6 reverse gears with speeds similar to medium in forwards. All gear changes were made with the use of a dry clutch.
This gearbox then had a 2-speed powershift section added after the dry clutch and before the 6-speed gearbox. This resulted in 36 forward gears (2×6×3) and 12 reverse gears (2×6×1).
Following this the 2-speed powershift section was changed to the 3-speed version. Giving 54 forward gears (3×6×3) and 18 reverse gears (3×6×1)
The latest version of this gearbox, a wet clutch replaced the dry clutch still with 54 forward and 18 reverse gears.
The second type fitted to 4000, 8250, 8280 and 8310 Fastrac models features a CVT (IVT) hydrostatic power-split gearbox which is one of the most advanced tractor gearboxes available.[1]
The third type developed most recently and fitted to 7000 Series and 3000 Xtra machines has a wet main clutch, a six-speed powershift section and a four-speed range box. As reverse is at the front of the powershift section the reverse gears are spread throughout the speed range. This arrangement gives 24 forward gears (2×3×4) and 12 reverse gears (1×3×4). Note that the top three reverse gears are not available for use.

Model Description

This is a 1:32 die-cast metal with some plastic parts. This is a 1:32 scale model and in some instances some parts are a bit chunky looking especially in the cabin.
The Body
This is a nice model. Firstly there is the paintwork. Having seen first hand some of the JCB tractors, their distinctive yellow and black paintwork is spot on. Paint work is not only faithfully reproduced but the appearance is remarkable. No cracking, runs or bubbling. All the decals are the right ones and considering just how small they are, fitted in the correct spot. The front hydraulics are not too bad. They work and there are implements available that can be fitted. The front wheels can be turned, but not the steering wheel in the cabin. On the right hand side where there is a door into the cabin, we can see the tool and storage boxes. While on the left hand side, we can also step to get into the can, but also we can see the fuel tanks. The real linkage can also be used to add some implements and can be raised up and down. However the tow bar cannot be used. You also also see where the rear hydraulic attachments are situated.

Inside the cabin
Size is an important consideration here. The details are reasonable. Because of the smallness of this tractor, it has been moulded in one piece, and other than black, no other colour has been used. However, all of the interior basics are there. The seating both for the operator and a smaller seat for a passenger if required. The steering wheel is a bit chunky but this is understandable due to the scale. The instrument console is readable also.

Considering the scale of this model, the end result is it's a fairly good model. The body contains all the necessary decals as well as all those parts like the fuel tanks, flashing warning light on the roof down even to the hydraulics. The cabin's main details have been assembled with no notable looseness or any gaps. The rear mirror has been fitted and even for their small size includes the glass. But handle carefully as some of the parts are very small and this model should be handled with care. Overall this model even though its 1:32 scale is displayable. It may fail in some sections, mainly in the cabin, but it shows its general appearance. I am going to give it a 4.0 / 5.0. 29/03/2023. Robin Finlay.

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