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Massey Ferguson 175 Tractor

Massey Ferguson
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Agricultural machinery
Massey-Harris Limited
Ferguson Company
1953 (as Massey-Harris-Ferguson; shortened to Massey Ferguson in 1958)
Duluth, Georgia, United States
Area served
Combine harvesters
Forage harvesters
Grape Harvesters
Sugarcane harvesters
Front loaders
Hay rake
Plough tools
Telescopic handlers

Massey Ferguson Limited is an American agricultural machinery manufacturer. The company was established in 1953 through the merger of farm equipment makers Massey-Harris of Canada and the Ferguson Company of the United Kingdom. It was based in Toronto, then Brantford, Ontario, Canada, until 1988. The company transferred its headquarters in 1991 to Buffalo, New York, U.S. before it was acquired by AGCO, the new owner of its former competitor Allis-Chalmers. Massey Ferguson is among several brands in a portfolio produced and marketed by American industrial agricultural equipment conglomerate AGCO and a major seller in international markets around the world.
Massey Ferguson

In 1953, Massey-Harris merged with the Ferguson Company to become Massey-Harris-Ferguson, before shortening it to Massey Ferguson in 1958.[1] They tried to consolidate the two dealer networks and product lines. Its television and radio advertising featured an upbeat jingle with a male chorus singing, "He's a get-up-early, keep-'em-rollin, Massey-Ferguson kind of a man." Nevertheless, the company soon began to decline financially after facing increasing international competition in the 1960s, when the firm began to struggle.
Hanomag-Cura, Argentina
In 1971, Massey purchased the local facilities of Rheinstahl Hanomag-Cura in Argentina, which had been established in 1960. The production of tractors and other agricultural implements, during until 1999. Some model numbers made in Argentina included 65R/250/252, 155, 150, 5160 S-2 / S-4, 5140 / 5140–4, 265, 255, 250, 250 S "viñatero", 8500 and 9500.
Other model numbers included 1075, 1078, 1095h, 1098, 1175 / 1175 S, 1185 / 1185 S, 1195 L / 1195 S-2/S-4, 1215 S-2 / S-4, 1340 S-2/S-4, 1360 S2/S4, 1615 L / S 1615 L, 1640, 1650, 1670, 1690, 1465, 1475 "Super alto", 1485, 1499 SX / 1499 L..

Model Description
I spent my early working life on dairy farms from 1962 when I was 14 years old. And on that farm we had a Ferguson TEA20 so this was the start of my tractor experience. Over the years, I have driven in the Massey Ferguson range of tractors MF35, MF135, MF165, and the MF175. So looking at this model, it has brought back memories of all of the tractors that I have driven over the last 62 years. To see this Universal model of one of the famous Massey Ferguson 100 series of tractors in such detail is truly amazing. I never would have thought someone would produce so much detail of any type of tractor model, and given that this was one of the first models I got for the museum. Universal Models is a company in England that has a record producing some of the amazing models of many such tractors and farm equipment.

The first thing you notice is obviously the paintwork. Done in the famous red and grey that symbolises this range of models, I do not think any collector or older farmer would forget what tractor this was. Just about all of the main parts such as the bonnet, rear wheel guard and some smaller parts are plastic. However the red colour matches exactly with the metal parts such as the wheels rims and weights in the front which are made from die-cast metal. The ability being able to match the plastic colours and these die-cast metal parts, show the degree of using colours within the plastic moulding parts.The emblems and decals used are first class. The detail of all of these parts and the care of their placement shows the degree of care that only a manufacturer of detailed models such as this can only be looked at with awe. Just look at the decal on the instrument panel, its absolutely correct.

The grey colour of the lower parts of the tractor that includes the motor, through to the rear of the tractor is mostly die-cast metal. But the degree of detail is simply amazing. On the motor, I can assure you every part is accurate, but with the front wheels able to be steered using the steering wheel, it makes this more authentic. This amazing detail continues to the gearbox with its gear shifts that even incorporates the hand brake. The seat can be raised which gives a better view of the hydraulic levers for the hydraulic arms. The colour decals are as on the original tractor. The differential is detailed nicely with the details on the rear hydraulic arms that can be raised and lowered. All the hydraulic piping no matter how small fits into the other details.

The Conclusion
This is a model that if you are a collector of modes that you collect that you demand perfection. Every detail no matter how small is shown and you as a collector, even if you don't collect tractors, will have one of the finest detail models available. The images here do not give justice. Universal models have shown how good attention to detail as well as using the latest die casting and plastic technologies, give one of the most incredible models out there. Cannot find an excuse, but will give it a 5.0/ 5.0. Robin Finlay 10/04/2023.

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