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Snowy Mountain

Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor with Cab

Model Description
Massey Ferguson 135 with Cab
Scale: 1:16
Die-cast Metal with plastic parts
Model made by Universal Models.

General Description
This is one of the splendid models made by Universal Models. This company is well regarded for its detailed models, especially their range of Tractors and Farm Equipment. This is one of the best detailed tractors that I have seen. We have a range of universal tractors, and each one still has that quality one would expect from models such as this one. Done in that famous red and grey finish is the hallmark of the Massey Ferguson label, the quality of the paintwork and the finish is excellent.
The Engine detail is one of the items that one notices when viewing the model. There are largely parts that reflect that attention to detail. It does not matter what part of this model you look at, the scaling of each part is that even the smallest component no matter how small is visible in detail.
All emblems and decals have been attached as on the real tractors and even the detail of these decals especially those on the instrument panel are readable. Looking at items such as the gearbox levers, clutch and brake pedals have been made to the type of metal used. Steering wheel is completely realistic, where in some models, these can be more chunky which is due to the scale of the models.

So overall, this is a very well made model. The attention to detail is remarkable for the scale, and this model would have to be a must for those collectors who enjoy these types of models. There are a large number of collectors whose interest is in these tractors and they can be very fussy just as we are. The important reason we collect models like this, is to enjoy that detail we see on every model. This is a must. I have given it a well deserved 5.0/5.0. Robin Finlay 08/08/2023.

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