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Tractors &
Farm Machinery

Snowy Mountain

1958 Fordson Major

Model Description
This is a 1:16 scale die-cast metal with both plastic and real rubber parts. This model was designed and made by Universal Models in England, and is well known for its detailed Tractors and Farm Machinery. Built to their design and quality, that is reflected in this model. The attention to detail is there for everyone to see.

The Tractor
This model is one of the most detailed die-cast models available for collectors today. This tractor was one of the Fordson brand tractors made in the 1:16 scale, which allowed more detail than was available for collectors. For those collectors who collect these models, this one continues the models put out by Universal. From the front grill to the drawbar at the back, this is a miniature version of the real tractor. Done out in that Ford blue paint, it is offset by the orange of the wheel rims. The paintwork has been presented, and the Fordson emblems and decals, no matter their size, can be read easily. The front wheels can be turned using the steering wheel. The working parts of this tractor, such as the gear shift, hand brake and other components, have been done to the 1:16 scale without that bulky look as on some models.

The Engine
We have a number of tractors in our collection, yet many of them do not have that degree of detail. So much work has gone into it to show just about every part and even the wiring. The batteries show even the battery leads can be seen attached to the electrical components. We can see the starter setup with the shifter rod that activates the starter. The diesel piping completes from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors that can be seen going to each of the cylinders. The radiator can be clearly seen in great detail, with also the air cleaner right where it should be. Lifting the folding bonnet allows you to see a detailed look at the battery, but also allows you to see in more details of the radiator cooling system with all the hoses. Every small detail, even down to the bolts and screws, can be seen in their place as on the real tractor.

The Drivers Work Station
The detail continues even with more detail. The controls, such as the hand brake, throttle lever, starter lever, gearbox selector, have been done to an amazing scale. The bucket seat down to the seat cushion is as detailed as everything else. The instrument panel, even though primitive compared to more modern tractors, the details of the individual dials show them just like the real instruments used on the real Fordson. All switches and buttons have been downsized to the scale and identifiable well.
The Hydraulic System
It's not just the die-cast metal parts produced in such detail, but includes the rear hydraulic system, which has been mainly done in plastic. This shows how fine a detail you can produce using plastic. On the model, the arms can be raised and lowered, and the drawbar can be moved, just like on the real Nuffield. However, because of the detail used on this model, it is unable to use any attachable equipment. The lighting available on the real basic model were the head-lights and the two small lights on the mudguard but no doubt other types of lights would have been available. There is so much going on here. Toolbox, chains that move, the hydraulic arm that moves up and down.

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