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Jaguar E-Type Coupe

Jaguar E-Type Coupe

1961-1974 jaguar E-Type Coupe

We have a number of jaguars in our collection, and we have the jaguar E-Type Cabiroilet. This coupe makes now a pair of the E-Type. The review that I did of the Cabirioilet was not good, however this model I can report is a better model.

Exterior, as with the other E-Type, the body is as good if not better, but where I had problems with fitting of panels, this model does not suffer from this. All the doors, bonnet and rear door opens, with perhaps the door could open wider. The entire panels including thebonnet which lift completely open and gives one a complete view of the engine. This type of mount can be seen on somcars and I am sure is welcome by mechanics who have to fix some hard to get engines. The rear door/trunk lifts sideways instead of uo ad in this model open wide to give a very good look into the interior. Those famous spoked wheels are a delight to behold.

The interior is the same style as the other E-type we have, with the same style of seats. Everything else is the same with ery good readability of all fixtures and parts. The use of wood type fitting are thoughout of the model including the knob on the gearshift. Being a two seater, it still shows that it cargo sace in the back with its carpet style floor covering is quite good.

The engine is the same as on the other E-Types. Quite detailed. However it has been as one piece and therefor with the chrome coluld have been made so that other parts could brake that colour up to improve the visabile nature of the engineThe only other colour is the blab inregards to th radiator.

So overall this is a nice model. It has been put together nicely and opening doors and the front to get access to the engine is good also.Rear door opens wide and fits well. So representing one of Britians best designed motor cars has been done quite well.Dispite being built to a price rather than quality, it still manages to show of that famous Jaguar emblem. very collectable and no douht this is in many a collection and rightly so. Jaguar has aexcellent reputation when it comes to its cars, and while some fall down in the quality departmnt, there is no douht whenever you go, these motorcars alway get those admiring looks. The only critisum I have is the engine. However Iwill give this a 4.75/5.0. Robin Finlay 16/01/2023.

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