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2020 Nissan GT-R (R35)

2020 Nissan GT-R (R35)

2020 Dodge Challenger Concept Car

The relevance of models v real vehicle Museums

There are people who question the use of models to show the real vehicles. First there are simply thousands of manufacturers and many hundred of various makes. Plus models that have been manufactured over the last 150 years. To be able to display every model, and I believe that most vehicles have been a part of the vehicles that we have today. Without these vehicles and their innovations, the vehicle you drive would simply not exist. There are many vehicles that have been before their time, Tucker, Piece-Arrow, Saab, Volvo. These are vehicles that have stretched the boundaries of design, innovation of safety and costs that those early makers did not have available.
Another point is that so many of the vehicles have simply disappeared. In cases, only photos or blueprints are available. And the attempt to have any real museum to have so many real vehicles available for display would suffer from space requirements and costs. With so many different styles and so many types of each model like the Sedan, Station-wagon- Utility, Ports-car, where could you put such a museum?

Our unique museum at least solves some of these problems. Just about every maker and model that we have in this museum, the majority of people across this planet, have never heard of or even seen them in real life, and probably never will. What we do is show as many people as we can, these vehicles that have played an important development in the advance of our human race. Without these vehicles, we would not be here today. Vehicles transport our food and produce. I mean, so many drivers curse those heavy trucks that seem to be slowing traffic down, yet they are supplying that food and other consumable goods that you need for yourself and your family.

Our Museum provides a miniature scale,in which we look for those models that display the best highly detailed information and try to give you the most detailed look and to be able to give that information to them. Having this digital museum allows you the visitor access 24 hours a day, every day of the year. More and more models of most makers and types of vehicles are being added every day. So you can visit as many times as you like for free and be able to see new models being added all the time.

It is also hoped that the museum will make its own models, because of the vast number of vehicles that have been made for the last 150 years, not everyone can be made into models for collectors. There are many vehicles whose names have already disappeared from memories and yet are just as important as those models we have. Everyone of them has a story to be told and I intend to tell them for your enjoyment and knowledge.

2020 Nissa GT-R (R35)

Model Description

This is a 1:18 scale die-cast metal and plastic of the Nissan GT-R (R35) Japanese made sports car. It is a distinctive model that if you look at the Nissan 350z has many similarities.

The Body

We have here a die-cast metal model that has all opening parts like the doors, bonnet and the rear boot/trunk open. These opening parts open reasonably wide like other models. Overall the paintwork is of a good quality with no paint defects like streaks, bubbling or cracks on the surface of the model Gaps are important in presenting on any model, with the shutting of the doors and etc, should show a constant as possible gap that still allows them to open and close. These panels need to be flush with the main body. Lights like the rear lights sit in the car flush to the body front lights exactly as the real car. The small lights like those on the mudguard fit nicely though they are decals. Other parts like window wipers, air scoops on the bonnet and the mirrors with the door handles are separate parts but have been fitted correctly. Both front and rear windows again are flush and clear with the 2 rear windows having been fitted nicely. I find fault only with the aerial and fuel cap rather hard to distinguish. The wheels on this car are distinctive with the mag wheels quite nice. Tire represents the real car.

The interior

The interior is good in its depiction of the real car. It would be nice if the doors could open wider as they are very hard to be photographed. The door panels show the door handle with the windows controls and the speaker . Then you look into the cabin, first of all is the detail of the front and rear seats. The detail is good especially on the front seats with the detail of the material being of that quality shown on other similar models. Small details like the seat adjustment handle is a good detail. Seat belts also have been added so as to be well detailed. Rear seats have also been carefully detailed with the rear tray containing the extensive speaker system added to this car.
The central dash shows off the instrument's nodule,and the air inlet that operates the air needs to keep the windscreen from fogging up. Those instruments have been detailed with care and with the use of decals make for a realistic set of instruments. The steering wheel has been placed correctly and not as some models at an unbelievable angle. Size is correct with all parts like indicators, high and low light controls quite readable. The steering wheel with the Nissan logo in the centre, also shows the button controls on the steering wheel. The central console is distinctive also. Showing those items as on the real car, such as the monitor at the top, with an incredible number of buttons, and then the gear shift. The hand brake is also in the central console.

The Engine

In many models that are similar to this, it's one area that can be a disappointment. While this model is not perfect, it shows a good amount of detail not seen of models of this scale. The use of colour within the engine and the degree of the moulding, as in this model at least, made it more presentable. There has been a change for the better and makes the model a more collectable item. The moulding gives the engine more depth and with the addition of a chromed section on the top, gives it more character. Overall, this section can make or break a model, but this case gives it a more realistic look that will appeal to collectors.

The Boot/Trunk

Not much to say on this. The boot/trunk lid has the spoiler on it. When opened, and it opens quite wide, show very little. Not Even the space saving spare that seems to be added to all vehicles today. For the real car which is not a large vehicle, the space indicates this as a short distance vehicle has a small capacity. But this type of car has been made to be modified, so space may not be that sort of requirement.

The Conclusion

Detail is what most collectors of this scale look for, and so many models can let this down, by lack of detail. In many models, they detail some sections more than others. If a collector shows only the body section, about every model will display well. But if that collector wants every part of a model to be seen, then detail is important. One must remember that every model is not just for display, because every model tells the story of that real vehicle. This model gives that. It displays good detail in all sections with excellent details of every part. For any collector this is one that ticks every box. That being said, this is a good model. It has a small amount of faults, but they are minor, and do not spoil the look of the model. I give it a 4.75/5.0. Robin Finlay

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