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Updated: Feb 7

Robin's Model Cars Internet Museum

Issue No: 1/2023 07/2/2023


Just a short introduction, as I don't want to bore you with a lot of trivial details. This is a museum dedicated to the collection of highly detailed models by a 73 year old pensioner. It started as part of his project while doing his Diploma of Webpage Design. He was 63 when he graduated and had a collection of 10 vehicles. This has now grown to over 300+ and is still getting bigger and better. In this and future blogs, we will bring you all the new and coming vehicles to the collection. So let's start this blog with some of the latest models added.

The Past, Present & the Future. That's what this museum is about. Vehicles from the earliest primitive vehicles to the supercars of today.

The Museum has been divided into different sections.

[1] Australian Designed & Built Vehicles.

These are Australian built vehicles, that were actually manufactured and not knock down kits as was done before 1949. The first being GM Holden with the now iconic car the FJ Holden. There have been a number of overseas vehicle manufacturers that joined, such as Ford, Chrysler just to name a few.

[2] Australian Supercar Series.

Australians love their motor sports, and as from the start of manufacturing the cars, they started racing their cars all over the continent. And as the years progressed, they became more organised, and they began to add advertiser & sponsor decals to each car. This changed the dynamics of these cars and when models of these vehicles came out, they were more detailed and colourful and became popular amongst collectors. Mostly available as Limited edition for which a C.O.A certificate was added.

[3] Cars & Station Wagons.

This section contains all vehicles from 1951. It contains all vehicles in this range from every manufacture past & present.

[4] Vintage 1900 -1950.

This section covers all the many manufacturers, with many of the makes no longer with us. It's an important section, as it allows us to see the development of this method of transport from its infancy up to the latest. vehicles that we see on our roads today.

[5] Movie & TV Vehicles.

This is one of he more interesting vehicles. Right at the start, motor vehicles have been part of movies, and became popular when television burst on the scene. When shows such as Batman, Knight Rider and other television shows as well as movies such as Back to the Future and Fast & Furious, these vehicles became almost the main characters and such are collected by dedicated collectors.

[6] Tractors & Farm Equipment.

One of the most important areas of different types of vehicles was the introduction of agricultural vehicles, such as tractors. Many people do not know how much tractors influenced the development of our motor vehicles. We see and use today. The use of steam introduced the world to an increase of productivity was needed to feed an ever increasing population drift to urban areas.

[7] Utilities & Light Trucks.

Not only cars became popular, the advent of utilities and light trucks became popular from the start. With the advent of motorised vehicles becoming more popular, the number of horse driven vehicles began to disappear. With vehicles with the internal combustion engine, it made it easier for tradesmen, farmers, and other types of transport, to be more efficient in delivering goods & services.

[8] Heavy Trucks & Buses.

With the need of transporting goods for longer distances, there became the necessity of the development of vehicles that was a larger vehicle. As well as freight, there was a need to transport people both in the cities and country-side. And the earliest form of transport was the buses.

[9] Motorbikes.

This was a popular form of transport used from the start of the age of. vehicles in the 1900's. Many a manufacturer started from the making of motorbikes, and then branched into motor vehicle manufacturing.

[10] SUV's & 4x4's.

This type of vehicle has over the last decade,, become the most popular choice not only for transporting the children to school, but by an ever increasing number of mums, but they have become very popular for recreation to many people.

[11] Crawler Tractors & Construction Equipment.

We must also include this class of equipment. Since the end of the first world was, tracked vehicles have undergone major development needs to perform tasks that ordinary wheeled vehicles were unable to do. Needed to build ever increasing demands for roads, construction sites and agricultural needs, these tracked and speciality vehicles have grown in size. Just look at our mining vehicles.

[12] Motor & Rally Car Racing.

Apart from the Australian Super Racing series, a popular form of recreational entertainment is the Grand Pirex and Rally Racing. This is an increasing and important activity, as many improvements of vehicles engines have been used in ordinary engines.

There are a number of other types of vehicles that have not been included, but these will be added to the museum when available.

New Models Coming Soon.

The following models have been ordered and will be added to the museum on their arrival.


The 1:18 Scale 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG-Line

1933 Pierce-Arror "Silver Arrow"

Some of the New Vehicles Added Recently.

1970 Plymouth Sports 88 from the movie "Fast & Furious".

Deloren DMC from the movie "Back to the Future II".


Please note, that a video-player has been added to the main page. These videos will be changed on a regular basis, and we hope that you will enjoy them. Please use the LIKE, Comment and Subscribe to our Museum for newer videos.

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Robins Model Cars Internet Museum Logo.png


Robin's Model Cars Internet Museum

Issue 2: 24/02/2023

Latest News
We have taken delivery of the 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow & the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG-Line. And these are excellent models and have now been added into the Museum.
We have added new videos which you can see by clicking on the videos below.



1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow


2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class AMG-Line

Stationary photo

                          New Models Arrived
We have the following models that have arrived awaiting processing to add to the museum. We have recieved 3 higley designed & built some of the best detailed models of Australian Designed & Built vehicles, especially in the 1:24 scale. These should be added very soon.

1948 Holden FX Sedan_edited.jpg
1948 Holden FX Sedan_edited.jpg

1948 Holden FX Sedan

1973 Holden HQ Kingswood Sedan_edited.jpg

1973 Holden HQ Kingswood Sedan

1973 Holden Monaro 4-door sedan.jpeg

1973 Holden Monaro 4-Door Sedan

New Models on Order

The museum has the following vehicles on order & awaiting delivery. From the 1930 Packard Brewster to the more moden Nissans and Dodge, We know that they all will be welcome to the museum.

1930 Packard Brewster.jpeg

1930 Packard Brewster

Nissan R35 GTR

Nissan 350Zjpeg.jpeg

Nissan 350Z

1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS.png

1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.jpeg
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