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Movie & TV Vehicles

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Black Widow & 1966 Chevy Corvette

Black Widow & 1966 Chevy Corvette

Black Widow & 1966 Chevy Corvette

Vehicles shown in Movies and Television have in their own way, enabled a lot of collectors to specialise in this type of collecting. so the museum has an entire wing dedicated to these models. While in a lot of cases, a lot of these models are based on actual vehicles, and a lot don't appear in the actual movies or TV series, but are based on actual real vehicles that if you discount the paintwork, are in fact detailed copies of the real vehicles. As with models of the non entertainment area, are still designed as if they are the original. Every detail of the original model are transferred to these models in every area. The scale in these type of models are in the 1:24 scale but still as accurate to the original vehicle. If you remove the title and in most cases over large wheels, it would be as the original model. Collectable for those who love their Movie memorability. 3.5/5. Robin Finlay. 26/07/2022.

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