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Back to the Future III

Back to the Future III

Back to the Future III (Road Wheel Version)

Here we have a 1;24 Scale die-cast metal with some plastic parts model of the De Lorean car that was used in the very popular series of movies “Back to the Future”. This model is one of the two cars that you would have seen in the movie. One was with the road wheels like this model. And the other was with the train wheels as seen in the last parts of the movies. We will show both models in the museum, even though the difference in each is in fact the wheels.

But first the model itself. It is a very surprisingly well put together model. You are not able to open the bonnet, but the gullwing doors open very high and this gives a very good look at the interior of the vehicle. The outside body gives the very exterior look of the bare metal that is all the real Delorean. Everything in regards to the De Lorean is very much as expected. The addition of the parts that are included in the movie have been reproduced in great detail. I very much doubt that any fan of the movies would be unhappy with this reproduction of the vehicle. The wheels are as used in the movie and with the red with the chromed hub caps are well done and keeps in character with the movie.

The interior, and this is in consideration the scale, has itself been reproduced as exactly to the original De Lorean vehicle that was sold when it was produced. With the wide opening doors, you are able to see a remarkable amount of detail that in most models of this scale you would not see. All parts of the interior have been scaled well with even the gearbox shift is done well for the size, with other models of this size, you can get parts that look oversized. Details of the dash are well constructed with no difficulty in seeing everything as in the original.

So to sum this model up. A very well made model with a very good attention to detail and with one of the best finishes I have seen in this scale model. I can find very little to fault it, but it only has one detail that I find is a little off putting and that is the chromed part on the bonnet. It just feels a little out of place in respect to the amount of chrome in relation to other chromed parts on the model. But overall, a nice model and very collectable, especially if you have all four models from all the movies. I give it a 4.5/5.0. Robin finlay 06/11/2022.

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