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Peterbuilt 379 Tractor /Refidig Trailer

Peterbilt 379
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Peterbilt 379

2003 Peterbilt 379 American Class interior 550 hp CAT C15 18 speed
Model years
Denton, Texas
Body and chassis
Class 8 truck
Body style
2-door truck
2-door sleepercab truck
Peterbilt 377
Kenworth W900
Diesel (Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Paccar)
Peterbilt 359 (1967–1986)
Peterbilt 389

Drivers' compartment panorama (2000–2007 example)
The Peterbilt 379 is a model line of Class 8 trucks that was produced by the Peterbilt division of PACCAR from 1987 to 2007. Serving as the successor to the 359, the 379 was a conventional-cab truck configured primarily for highway use, serving as the flagship of the Peterbilt model line. During much of its production, the 379 was popular among owner-operator drivers. In line with the Kenworth W900, the 379 serves a popular basis for truck customisation.
Following its 2007 discontinuation, the 379 was replaced by the Peterbilt 389, distinguished by oval headlamp clusters and a longer hood. To commemorate the end of production, the final 1000 examples of the 379 were designated Legacy Class 379.

Model Description
What we have here is a 1:32 scale die-cast metal with plastic parts of one of the best American Trucks. This is a model put out by Franklin Mint, and it has been known that this company has produced some high quality and detailed models of all types of vehicles. This particular model came with a refrigerated trailer which details have not been included here.

The Body
This model has had a great deal of work to reproduce one of America’s premier trucks. From the front bumper bar, to the rear end, you will find that not only is the quality work expected and has been achieved with this model. But also that detail so important to collectors has been done better than collectors expected. The beautiful black paint which is so flawless makes this model stand out. The rivets and bolts emphasise just how much has been achieved despite its scale. It's important to note the amount of chrome, and while some may question the amount, truckers love to personalise their vehicles. The amount of chrome used by many truckers displayed here, is a driver's pride in their truck and shows the pride they feel. The emblems and decals have been reproduced exactly, with even the smallest one readable. The window sun visor and the horns with the lights on the roof, that shows the wind spoiler on the top shows off the entire truck. This model has both doors that open, but also allows the engine bonnet to open to reveal the engine itself. Unfortunately, because of the scale, while details of the interior do give a good look into the cabin, details are surprisingly readable. The detail shows the steering column and the steering wheel in detail which includes all the levers indicating the turn signal. Gear shift as well the interior seats have been well cast. The top of the roof lifts to reveal the interior of the sleeping compartment. You can see right into the cabin. The plastics used are soft rather than the hard plastics you normally see, but even the roof section is well done to show what that extra detail can improve the quality of the model.

The Engine
This engine for this scale has some of the best detail seen on these scale models. With the bonnet open, the detail of this engine shows it in great detail from the radiator to the firewall. That detail continues underneath the truck as it show the underneath of the engine but also the gearbox and also the drive shaft right through to the rear axles. The engine itself is all the detail that most drivers of these heavy trucks can see. Even the details show the exhaust going from the engine to those tall twin exhausts. This also includes the air cleaners

The Conclusion
This is an impressive model. With such detail, it represents a model that shows the maker's skills in reproducing models for collectors looking for something special. And this is a very special model, showing all that detail, not only the outside, but also in the interior. That detail of the engine is especially special. Not many models can replicate this. I personally find very little to fault this model. Recommend it? Absolutely. If you can pick one up, do so as they are hard to find. So overall, a top model that I will with no hesitation give a 5.0 / 5.0. Robin Finlay 24/04/2023.

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