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Mack CH 2x4 Primemover

Mack CH 2x4 Primemover

This Model that we are looking at here is a 1:32 scale model of the Mack CH 2x4 Prime-mover. This was one of the most popular truck used not only in the USA, but was used very extensively over the world as a rugged truck for hauling large amounts of cargo. The model itself is die-cast metal which is mainly confined to the cab portion of the model. the remainder. is of plastic.

lets look at the body. This section cannot be faulted in the very good paint used. Very accurate to the original colour, the red stands out and was a very good choice for many truckers. The Mosel has both doors opening to give one a glimpse inside the cab, and while detail is fussy so to say still gives a reasonable view of the everyday workings of the real truck.

The chassis of the body of this unit is plastic and while other trucks like this one, may have a more detailed vies, this model still give a more than adequate look at this vehicle. The use of the chrome parts is quite extensive but accurate. Most truckers intend to spend a lot of money to have these fixtures done up in chrome to make them stand out. And while this model does not show it, specialised paintwork gives some of these trucks an amazing individual look.

Problem areas. Yes, and the mainline is and that's not in the overall look of the model, but in its fragile parts of this model. This is not a play toy. Especially with the rear vision mirrors, the horns on the roof and also the exhaust pipe. All the chrome work Macks this a display model, which can the most 1:32 trailers

Overall this is an impressive representation of this Mack truck with many still on the highways even today. However the lack of an engine in this truck detracts it a lot. I will give this one 4.0/5.0. Robin Finlay 21/10/2022.

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