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Ford Escort MK3 RS16001 Rally

Ford Escort MK3 RS16001 Rally

Ford Escort (Europe)
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The Ford Escort is a small family car that was manufactured by Ford of Europe from 1968 until 2000. In total there were six generations, spread across three basic platforms beginning with the original rear-wheel drive Mk.1/Mk.2 (1968–1980), the "Erika" front wheel drive Mk.3/Mk.4 (1980–1990), and the final CE-14 Mk.5/Mk.6 (1990–2002) version. Its successor - the Ford Focus - was released in 1998, but the final generation of Escort was gradually phased out, with the panel van version ending production in 2002 in favour of the Ford Transit Connect.
The Escort was frequently the best selling car in Britain during the 1980s and 1990s. A total of more than 4.1 million Escorts of all generations were sold there over a period of 33 years.
Sporting models]

Ford Escort RS 1600i
To compete with Volkswagen's Golf GTI, a hot hatch version of the Mark III was developed – the XR3. Initially this featured a tuned version of the 1.6 L CVH engine fitted with a twin-choke Weber carburettor, uprated suspension and numerous cosmetic alterations. It lacked a five-speed transmission and fuel injection. Fuel injection finally arrived in October 1982 (creating the XR3i), eight months behind the limited edition (8,659 examples), racetrack-influenced RS 1600i. The Cologne-developed RS received a more powerful engine with 115 PS (85 kW), thanks to computerised ignition and a modified head as well as the fuel injection.

Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1
The final performance update arrived in the form of the turbocharged 132 PS (97 kW) RS Turbo model in October 1984. The RS Turbo was somewhat of a disappointment; it had been delayed several times and when it went on sale in early 1985, the chassis came in for severe criticism. Ford initially planned to build 5,000 RS Turbos, the minimum number required for homologation in Group A. However a total of 8,604 were built due to increased demand, almost all in Diamond White. Produced in both LHD and RHD, it was only marketed in a few European nations with 5,000 examples for the UK, and was only sold through official Rallye Sport dealers. They were well equipped, with the alloy wheels from the limited production RS 1600i, Recaro seats, and a viscous-coupling limited slip differential. Only three cars were finished in black; one of them built especially for Lady Diana. The Series 2 RS Turbo continued with the 1986 MKIV model.

Model Description

Motor Rally Racing is an increasingly popular sport. There are certain countries where this sport is as popular as many other types of sports. To watch these cars speeding down dirt roads at breathtaking speeds, sliding through corners at speeds that we mere mortals would feel utterly terrified, yet it is addictive to watch.

The Body
This is a 1;18 scale Ford Escort MK3 RS1600I Model made from die-cast metal and plastic parts. This model is a highly detailed model in every way. Firstly the body in this brilliant fire engine red has been done exceedingly well with no faults such as cracks or blistering. This is a hatchback with 2 doors that open wide. Both The bonnet and back window in the back also open wide to give an excellent view of the interior. All panels dit well with no excessive gaps and they all shut flush to the body. This vehicle since it is a rally car is of course fitted with extra panels such as air spoiler on the rear hatch door as well as having an air scoop in the front. There are other details that give this vehicle a more authentic look such as the front lights grill. All of the decals have been placed exactly where they should be and makes this model that much a visual one. The wheels have the steel rims with the wide tires that would be as on the original car.

The Interior
Very much as one would expect from this type of vehicle. Basic in that these vehicles need to have minimal items in the interior than normal vehicles, because the more of those items like the passenger and back seats would add weight which would slow it down. Too much weight means less speed, and less speed means it's not competitive. Fitted with a safety frame to protect the driver from rollovers and the additional items such as the fire extinguishers gives this model such realism. In the rear where one would have the spare tire it features a part that I am not sure of its function. But other than the racing seats, the door panels as well as the dashboard is the same as the vehicle that anyone would buy from their Ford dealership. The details of the console is remarkable with the instruments and dials also detailed. Steering wheel with all of its control switches has been done extremely well as to the scale. Overall this interior has to be one of the best I have seen.

The Engine
This engine would be what I call a class A engine in that the detail has been done exceptionally well. It is not often that one finds an engine with so much detail and in so many colours that you would see if you were to open the bonnet of a real version of this vehicle. Small details like the cables from the sparkplugs, the brake cylinder, air filter with all of its hoses. The actual engine has been made with just about all of its details to see, with other parts exhausts coming from the block to attaching to the rear exhaust. Looking underneath this vehicle that detail continues.

The Conclusion
This is a very visual model and will display well. Its attention to detail is a delight, and for myself will be a very good addition to the museum. We are intending to add other models that are the same with that incredible detail which is what this museum is all about. Attention to the smallest detail shows how much these models have changed in regards to their quality. This is what collectors want. This is a model that you can take pride in displaying and this is not just for those serious collectors, it's also something that would fit on any desk as a display, in the mancave or simply on a shelf. It stands out as a model maker's attention to detail. There is nothing I can see to fault this model and I think it would be an insult to give it anything other than a 5.0 / 5.0. Robin Finlay 30/03/2023.

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