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Mini Countryman with Trailer

Mini Countryman with Trailer

Vehicle & Model Description

Mini Countryman with Trailer

What we have here is a 1:24 Scale die-cast with some plastic model of the Mini Countryman with Trailer. This model, when first looked at, is a reasonable copy of the original vehicle. Done in red & black, this is a very impressive first look.

The body and paintwork is of good condition with paintwork that has no runs, bubbles or cracks anywhere on this model. The Body with the panels fit quite well, with an excellent fit whether opening or closing. Even though this is a 5 door vehicle with rear back lift door, only the two front doors and engine compartment can be opened. All other doors and rear tailgate are indentations in the body. Do these give that detail enough to indicate their purpose? In the main part yes, though the 2 rear doors could have been deeper. That what may, they are still very identifiable as to what they represent. The 2-doors and bonnet open, though one would wish that they could open wider.

The interior is good for a 1:24 scale and is on a pare with most other models this size. All items like the steering wheel, gearshift are very much to scale. One of the best features of the interior is the placement of decals representing the different items of the instrument module that make the different sections stand out and are very readable. Overall the interior is very good in its presentation.

The engine is a reasonable reproduction of the real engine. Apart from some silver added, the rest of the engine is black and if one has a quick look at it, enough for one to get an indication of the real engine. The bonnet shuts with a good gap fit.

The trailer that has been added, is one that has been around in some countries in Europe, mainly in Britain. It gives a complete picture of what trailers are used. So overall this model is very good. Looking at it, for its size the impression is a good one. The details are very well shown with no extreme changes to the original Mini Countryman.Those Instrument dial decals could be used in other models of this size, so to improve the interior looks of these size models. It's this that gives this model a higher score than most 1;24 scale models. A 4.5/5.0. Robin Finlay 21/11/2022.

Project Manager

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