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Cars & Station-Wagons

Cars & Stationwagons
Snowy Mountain
1969 Morris Minor 1000

1969 Morris Minor 1000

Vehicle & Model Description

1969 Morris Minor 1000

For any collector who is a perfectionist, coming across that extra special model that stands out and presents itself in all areas. And this is one of the most incredible models that I have ever seen. In fact its this model that set up my interest in starting this museum. Besides being well built and with that High detail that one looks for, this model surprises with extra feature never seen in most models. Wind-down windows. soft Tires, quarter windows that open, cloth seating, even to the extent a full tool kit in the boot. And within this tool kit, a jack to lift the car, that really works. Wheel removal tool, that undo the wheel nuts of the car, and allows you to replace the wheel with the removable tire in the boot. Even with all these extras, this is still a incredible detailed model, that just simply amazes. Engine detail, that you can believe that all you need to do, is to turn the key and it will startup. This is a must for any collector that want that model of perfection, to stand out and to display proudly. Thi is a 5/5. Robin Finlay 26/07/2022.

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