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Cars & Station-Wagons

Cars & Stationwagons
Snowy Mountain
1969 Mini Minor

1969 Mini Minor

Vehicle & Model Description

1969 Mini Minor

In 1969, BMC the parent company of the Morris Minor and other iconic brands of the day, commissioned the replacement specifying that this car had to be light, cheap, easily maintained & economical. And this was done by adding the engine sideways and making it front wheel drive. By making it low to the ground, it required small tyres with the added benefit of what became its most famous feature, its ability to stay on its 4 wheels just about all of the time no matter how fast you cornered due to being so low. This model is a credit to the maker especially with its engine and the incredible detail that has been added. This is a great little model, faithful to the original vehicle, and is great for any collector.

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