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1952 Citroen C2 Sedan

1952 Citroen C2 Sedan

Vehicle & Model Description

1952 Citroen C2

This is a 1:18 scale die-cast metal with some plastic parts. The initial view that one gets, is that the model seems to be that looking at it is a very good constructed model. I guess what one first notices is that the gun metal colour gives it that early after the war look, that is as if the French had a large amount of this colour after the war. Not that there is anything wrong with the paintwork, because there's not. It may be strange, but the colour suits it very much. Straight away there's one point that I can see, and that the chrome on it could have been toned down, which may have given it a more genuine look.

The body itself, is clean with no bubbling or cracking of the paint work. Paintwork on any model needs to checked when ever one gets a new model. It's surprising just how many models seem to be getting through quality control inspections with all types of imperfections. As any collector will know, such imperfections just simply makes that model look out of place within their collection.

The body on our model 1952 Citroen C2 is in fact quite good. Its a simple d-door sedan with both doors opening wide that when closed show good gap clearance all around. The only other opening part is the bonnet, that also opens wide to show off the engine. Detail on the body is very good with the bumper bar on both back & front solid, and not like some models, it painted the same colour of the car. As commented above, the chrome part of the grill just seems a bit out of place being a little loud.

The interior is quite realistic with ones first impression that the French seem to be believers that it's important to include only the basics in the vehicles. So on examining the images of the real 1952 Citroen C2, it clear what's in the model is what you got when you brought the real thing. The interiors plastic and looks authentic in regards to the seats in that they do not appear to be plastic when you look at it. Steering wheel and all gears with the tiny dash is able to be read.

The engine compartment contains the engine and is very well made for the model. It is a very good representation of the actual engine with even finer details of not only the engine, but also displays other components like stearing and suspension details. A very well thought out model reconstruction.

Over all, my impressions is a very well made model, that clearly displays every detail of the real 1952 Citroen C2. Apart from the perhaps over chroming of the front grill, at least for me, this would fit in to any collection. You may also if going through the Automobile section of the museum, you will also see we have a 1952 Citroen 15 V8. So I would give this model a 4.0/5.0. Robin Finlay 14/08/2022.

Project Manager

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