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Cars & Station-Wagons

Cars & Stationwagons
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1952 Citreon 15 V8

1952 Citreon 15 V8

Vehicle & Model Description

1953 Citroen 15 V8

This would have to be one of the longest running Automobiles ever made, in that the exterior shape of this vehicle has not change from when it was produced in the 1930’s right up until the iconic new model. This waste of the French most innovative & designed cars, that while it looked as if it simply was the same each year, it was the mechanics that changed. Perhaps it was this interesting design ad the fact it was simply because it was French that made it so popular. The model is a very good presentation of this vehicle, but it makes it a model that can represent it from the 1930’s to mid 50’s simply by having the one model in your collection, because of the fact the exterior of the vehicle did not change unlike just about every other make. From a display point of view having a line up of a number of these vehicles in the year made, they would simply look the same, with only the collector aware of the differences between them. Very good detail both exterior & interior with a good detailed engine, because its French and a very chic French design, yes it’s one for the collection Robin Finlay 13 July 2022

Project Manager

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