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Automobiles 1900-1950

1939 Ford Deluxe 2-door Coupe

1939 Ford Deluxe 2-door Coupe

Model Description
This is an interesting model of the 1939 Ford Deluxe 2-door coupe. Done in this incredible red colour, it stands out and allows all details to be seen of all sections of the model. The body allows the door to open wide to allow a good view of the interior. The doors, boot and engine bonnet open and close with excellent clearance that shows the excellent tolerance in the manufacturing of the model. The exterior parts, which are chromed, allows this model an excellent prospect of the original vehicle. The arrangement of the smaller parts like the fuel cap, radio aerial and other more larger parts like the bumper bars and the radiator grill maybe just a little over chromed, but these small points do not distract from this model in any way.
The interior has that same degree of attention to detail. That wood grain of the dashboard and instrument dials show every detail as to recognise the functions. The door panels have been crafted nicely, with the seat detail well done. One of the interesting points is, if you look through the rear quarter window, on the seat, you can see the lever that allows the back of the seat to be lowered to give access to the rear of the cabin interior.
Open the bonnet, and you can see an excellent and nicely detailed engine. This shows that this model's engine is made with a separate section, and then assembled and added as a separate part, which provides it a more realistic view of the engine itself. This attention to detail makes this model more attractive to the collector than many other similar models.
The boot/trunk opens to show the spare tire demonstrates just how much space this vehicle had. Also, the floor of the boot, when you feel it, gives that real material similar to the real one.
So overall, this is a good model that fits nicely in any collection. Paintwork is flawless really sets it off. and that includes the colour. With good details, such as the engine, plus excellent interior detail. Overall, a good collectable model. I give it a 4.5/5. Robin Finlay 28/05/2023.

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