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2017 Hilden VF Commodore G8 ADVAM Wood/ Pither

Model Description
2017 Holden VF Commodore Wood/Pither
Scale: 1:18
Die-cast-metal with plastic parts
Manufacturer: Biante

The model is very highly designed & made by BIante Models which is well known and highly regarded within the collectors. Some of these models have up to 400 parts to each model. This model has been produced mostly the same as others in this range, but has one difference, in that this is a partly closed model.
So what is a closed model? Its one that has all the body models in one piece. The doors, bonnet and boot do not open, but have a detailed interior. This models doors open wide and has a good view to the interior. Engine Hood opens wide and gives a good view of the engine. However there is a cover that stops any detail to be seen. (Some models have covers like this one, able to be removed).
The Boot/Trunk is the section sealed. But overall this is a good model that has all the decals and detailed sections, will look good in any collection.


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Model Description

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