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2006 Dodge Challenger (Concept)

2006 Dodge Challenger (Concept)

18 - AV110 - 23 - 02

Model Description

2006 Dodge Challenger Concept Car
In late 2005, Dodge teased spy photos of the Dodge Challenger prototype on the internet and it was announced on November 21, 2005, showing an official drawing sketch of the vehicle.[29] The Dodge Challenger Concept was unveiled at the 2006 North American International Auto Show and was a preview for the 3rd generation Dodge Challenger that started its production in 2008. Many design cues of the Dodge Challenger Concept were adapted from the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T.

2006 Dodge Challenger Concept

Model Description

We have a 1:18 scale die-cast metal with plastic parts model of the 2006 Dodge Challenger Concept car. These concept cars are a way for automobile companies to gauge whether the public reaction to it, would give them an idea of whether there is sufficient market for them if released. There are fans of these types of vehicles that are pending release, which allows buyers a input into what is happening to the market at the moment. What would make someone buy this vehicle? Do they believe the engine is okay? So remember, what you see at the show, is not necessarily what the finished product will roll off the assembly line.

The Body

This model is a very interesting model in that it has a lot of very good points, and some bad ones. This is a 2-door with opening boot/trunk and engine bonnet. The 2 doors open reasonably well and also close flush to the body with a good gap. The boot/trunk also opens wide and again with a good body gap. The bonnet opens but could perhaps have been able to open wider to enable photographing the engine better. Attachments like the exterior mirrors are solid in the attachment. While the air scoop on the bonnet with its air inlets gives the appearance of the power under the hood. All lights on the exterior, headlights and indicator lights have been fitted with none out of place. On checking against the actual vehicle, all decals and badges have been attached correctly. The mag wheels and tires make a good fit, and the front wheels turn as well as the steering wheel. Paintwork is flawless with no cracking of the paintwork or any drips or bubbling. A nice deep metallic blue absolutely gorgeous. One missing detail, cannot find the fuel cap.

The Interior

This has been done in black with only a small amount of colour in the front dash instrument panel as well as some in the centre area of the front. The main exception are the 2 door panels that have had better attention to detail. Everything is there. The instrument panel has decals added to give that more realistic look and the centre console of the dashboard, shows readable details as well as the centre console between the front seats. Now the bad part. The steering wheel has been very badly paced. There is no way this would represent the actual vehicle. And this does make and spoil the overall impression and look of the vehicle. Those items such as the turn indicator starks are identifiable.

The Engine

In so many models, the engine details are very often an area that let down so many models. However the engine on this model has had a better than average amount of time in giving it more attention. This engine and its main components are very recognizable. While it has good detail, understandably due to the cost of making this model, very fine details cannot be seen, but I do not think that these details on this engine do not distract from the detail. The only problem for me is just that problem in which having the bonnet being able to open more fully, this failure just makes taking photos of the engine more difficult.

The Boot/Trunk

There really is not much to tell about this. The fact that you can open and close it adds that extra attention to detail. Inside, one is unsure of where the spare tire is kept as there is no indication where it would be stored. Maybe, it's not required on the Concept vehicle.

The Conclusion

I like it. The colour is nice. The overall look of the vehicle is impressive and excellent. But, it gets spoiled by those items that should have been picked up. That steering wheel is one of the worse that I have seen and certainly a major put off to some. I do think that certain items such as the fuel cap should have been added. But one cannot fault the body and the paintwork in their material and fitting has been done well. Collectable. Yes and I feel it fits into the museum nicely. Just that steering wheel. 4.25/5.0. Robin Finlay 01/03/2023.


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