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1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop

1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop

18 - AV104 - 20 - 01

Model Description

Model Description

When I first started the museum, which would be about 12 years ago, I picked up this model. It’s a 1:18 scale die-cast metal 1967 Ford Mustang done in that green colour, which was used in the movie “Bullitt”. It was part of what I called Distressed Models. Those are models that have slight defects that can be repaired. This is one such model. As part of my rules, I work by the vehicles that you see in the museum, the museum owns. We do not simply take information from anywhere and all the use details in the model description are from that model. We tell it as it is. Any faults we will tell you. But remember, that fault lies with the model we have. But by giving you that view of the model, it will allow you the option of deciding if you wish to add it to your collection.

The Body
Looking at first glance at this model, if you have seen that movie with Steve McQueen, you will see the car that is accurate in all details. Right down to the wheels and rims. So we look first at the paintwork, that special green and at first glance it appears good. One of the most important details for makers of these and other models is the quality control. That inspection of each model before dispatching it to collectors, is to ensure it stands in all collections with pride. However this quality control was missing on this model. The evidence of bubbling on the paint work is visible to anyone looking at it. If it's on this model, then the paintwork on others is suspect. This is a 2-door vehicle, which both open wide to allow excellent access to the interior. The bonnet which opens reasonably wide enough for a good view of the engine. It also has a boot/trunk that also opens reasonably wide. All opening parts fit with good clearance all around. All lights on the front and rear with that distinctive grill with the Mustang badge have been done just as the original vehicle.

The Interior
The interior is great to see. Looking at it closely, you cannot see any faults. First, the colour of both the seats and other interior parts is done up in that white look. The real Mustang would have had real leather, and a good job has been done to replicate that. The steering wheel and some of those parts, like the gearshift, handbrake and floor pedals, have been replicated well. The instrument's details are quite realistic, and the controls and switches on the console are believable.

The Engine
The quality and amount of detail of this engine is excellent. This is one of those engines that a great deal of effort has been made to make it as near to the look of the real vehicle. And in this case, they have succeeded. You can see this in even the smallest part on that motor. Even the use of decals on the air cleaner gives it that look of realism that collectors want. Collectors of these models want that attention to detail to bring that model to life. The more realistic it is, the better it looks. This engine in this model has been reproduced nicely, and makes those small faults not so bad.

The Boot & Undercarriage
The boot is normal in that it has no extra features than the original vehicle. There is nothing more to add here. The undercarriage is another matter. The detail here continues, just like the engine detail. You can clearly see the underneath of the engine, and that detail continues with the gearbox and with the shaft. With this going to the real axle and to the final dive, and with the exhaust system finishing it off nicely.

The Conclusion
This model should have been a better model. In so many areas, it works well. To have it spoiled because of a breakdown in the maker's quality control spoils what should be a great model. That fault with the paintwork is that it distracts from the other excellent features. That interior coupled with that great engine for this model saves it. It’s collectable for those who love that movie. Even so, I will give it a 4.5 / 5.0. Robin Finlay 27/04/2023.


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